Nourishment Variety

After spending a week exploring the sensation of nourishment, I realize how big a focus it really is.  This week, I’ve found nourishment in a whole bunch of things:

  • Deep breaths
  • Crisp salad with steamed broccoli and sweet apples
  • Dreamless sleep
  • Lunch and conversation with good, funny, smart friends
  • Long hugs
  • Emails with a sad friend (and the oh-so perfect card I found for her)
  • Teaching the varied movement of Nia
  • Taking Nia from Kevin VerEecke, a gifted and playful teacher (for a teacher to be a student sometimes is most nourishing, indeed)
  • Challenging my body until I sweat right through my shirt
  • Deep drinks of cool water
  • Dancing to celebrate that one of the coolest people on Earth was born (48 years ago) this week
  • Looking at stars
  • Hot showers
  • Giving (or receiving) a kindness or a compliment
  • Time alone

I’m telling you, I’m only scratching the surface here.  My whole idea of what nourishment is has expanded this week.  And there’s something about intentionally focusing on something.  By purposely looking for nourishment, I find it more often.  Funny that.

Tomorrow I fly to Arizona to join my husband for a week of visiting natural wonders (including his parents).  There is no replacement for intentionally taking time for important and needed things.  I am looking forward to some time with Frank to talk about the books we’re reading and the sights we’re seeing instead of who is picking up the chicken feed or when the school meeting is.  I am looking forward to seeing a different landscape and having my days follow a different pattern than they do when I’m in Charlottesville.  I find I come back from our adventures refreshed, inspired and doubly appreciative of home and my life here.

It is for this reason that we are offering the Nourishment:  Movement, Meals & Mindfulness retreat March 2-4 in Madison, Virginia.  Yes, we offer rich movement, a beautiful setting, fun and enlightening activities, and damn delicious food.  And over and over again, what I find is the most beneficial part of a retreat is the conscious choice to take time for mySelf and to have time to deliberately focus on something that I might not have time for at home.  Whatever it is, just by looking for it, we will find it more often and in more places.

I warmly invite you to join us for a weekend that your cells will simply slurp up.  Check out our page for all the details including the registration form – which is due on February 20, people which is coming right up!

And if you can’t come this time, I encourage you to take some time for yourself soon.  If you can, go somewhere where you can look at the stars from a slightly different angle and look at your life and yourself from a different angle, too.

Whatever you need to nourish you, the act of looking for it reveals that it’s all around you.  Yum it up, y’all.


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