13 Principles of Nia
(from pages 264 – 291 of The Nia Technique by Debbie and Carlos Rosas)

1.      The Joy of Movement – Joy is the primary sensation you seek from all movement.  When Joy is present, sustain it.  If Joy is not present, look for it and choose it.
2.      Natural Time & The Movement Forms – Move your body respecting its natural timing & way of moving.  Use the movement forms of dance arts, martial arts & healing arts to develop skill & a wide movement vocabulary. (Click here for complete listing of the 9 movement forms.)

3.      Music & the 8BC System – The Art of Listening using RAW – Relaxed, Alert & Waiting.  Listen to the music we dance to, it is our road map & guide.
4.      Freedance – Use freedance to create a deep & meaningful relationship with each song & stimulate somatic creativity.

5.      Awareness & Dancing through Life – Constantly pay attention to physical sensation, use that attention to self-heal, sense, perceive & enjoy the dance of every movement.

6.      The Base: Feet, Ankles & Knees – Connect to the foundation – the hands that touch the Earth.  Use legs to access the three planes.

7.      The Three Planes of Movement & Intensity Levels – Transfer your body weight low, middle & high by opening and closing your joints.  Choose the level of intensity that is right for you in this moment.

8.      The Core of the Body:  Pelvis, Chest & Head – Integrate the core, the house of your energy centers (chakras), with all of your movements.
9.      Creative Arms & Hand Expressions – Express emotions, visual creativity and your unique spirit.
10.  X-Ray Anatomy – Use the Witness (the non-judgmental observer within you), “see” the dynamic postural arrangement of your bones.
11.  Business & Marketing – Nurture your Nia practice to create transformation, wholeness and well-being.
12.  Continuing Education – Nurture your Nia practice by coming to classes 3 times a week, asking your Nia teacher for personal help and guidance, and supplementing your Nia classes with further body-mind learning and exploration.
13.  Dancing What You Sense – Listen, Dance and Share what you sense and feel as you are guided in the Nia experience.

    • Nice. That’s a great exercise. What principle are you playing with now? xo S

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